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Saturday, November 25, 2006

A Giant Bug in the Wash!!!

Look at this giant bug we found in the wash!!!! This is Easton's favorite thing to mom with the wash. What a helper!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Our own little Baby Gap Model Hopeful...

Well, like any doting mother, I belive my child is THE cutest in the
world. So when I saw the advertisement for a baby gap model open casting call...I naturally entered Easton into the contest! So we haven't heard back whether he made it to the finals, but if he does, everyone needs to vote online. Don't worry, we'll let you know if he makes it! If he doesn't, he is still number one in our book! These are some of the winners and some that didn't quite make it to the contest as we could only enter 5 pictures total. Enjoy!

One Lonely Little Thanksgiving!

This was officially our LAST Thankgsiving away from family! We had a lovely dinner, complete with a long walk on the beach after and a day of college football rivalry week. The only thing missing (besides the obvious dining room table) was FAMILY! We can't wait to come home and once again be a part of everything again. Ryan was the lonely picture of one fan on a lone couch watching football with no fans around him to give him "hi-five" or scream obscenities at the tv at the wrong calls (as hard as I tried to follow the games or muster the correct amount of excitement for this "exciting" rival week, I'm afriad I just didn't quite cut it! And Easton wasn't much better as he is far more interested in sucking on chords, or the TV cable, or the couch than in watching the game). And I was a sad picture as well....I bought the newspaper just so I could torture myself by looking at all of the amazing Black Friday deals starting at 5 am the next morning that I would be missing (Mom...mark your calendar for next year because I will be back with a fervor!). All in all, it was a nice day but definitly was missing the one thing that makes Thanksgiving

As everyone knows, Ryan is only 3 class days,19 calendar days, three finals, and 1 paper away from being done with law school for EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can't even express our excitement! I'm so proud of my amazing husband! For those of you who have never been through law school, let me tell you (as one who knows), it is incredibly and amazingly difficult. Not only because the material is hard, but because it is all encompassing. Even when you are not at school, you are reading 60 page homework assignments for the next class period, or writing 40 page papers, or preparing for finals (or usually doing all three). I am so proud of my wonderful husband because not only did he go through law school as described above, but he is graduating 6 months earlier than anyone else in his law school, held down three jobs, managed to work out at the gym daily, and was a new dad in the process. Now how did I get so lucky to have such a hard worker!??!?

Needless to say, I created a chain giving encouraging quotes for each day of class (inspired by our good friend Dayna Snow!) and Ryan has been counting down the days.

First Halloween...Not Too Exciting!

Easton officially experienced his first Halloween guessed it...a BYU football player (original for our family, I know!). Well, we didn't do too much unfortunately for a number of reasons: 1) we live in california and nobody trick or treats at their neighbors because you never know if your neighbor happens to be a serial killer or child molester, 2) we had to manage the hotel starting at 6 pm, and 3) Easton doesn't eat candy yet! So given all of those excused, I simply dressed Easton into his outfit and we met daddy for lunch at Casa Escobar (Mexican food!). We got a lot of oohhs and aahhs from people at the restaurant, and that was enough to make mommy and daddy feel good :-).

First Haircut Gone Bad!!

Well, the time came that I know must come in all new mommy's lives...the day they think that they can cut their own kid's hair. I thought, as all new mommy's do, "hey, how hard can it be? I mean, it is just a can't be that hard!" and I grabbed the fateful scissors. With our friend Michelle looking on with the camera ready...I began to snip. I snipped, and snipped, and snipped. Ok, so one side was shorter than the other, so I snipped on the other side. Then that side was uneven with the back, so I snipped the back. Then that was uneven....and on and on. Well, the end result... one uneven haircut! So Grandma Miller came in town. We tried to even it out then, but I'm afraid mommy's first attempt had gone beyond mere layman's efforts to fix. When Grandma Croft came in town, we finally did what we had to and took Easton to get his first proffessional haircut. I must grudgingly admit...he sure looked good afterwards!!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Rumbling on the Tramp...

Easton got his first experience on the tramp, and boy was it fun. Here is Jayden and Uncle Trevor duking it out on the tramp.

It's What Fun Is!

We had a great time at Lagoon over the weekend with Grandma Miller, Auntie "Z", Cousin Jaden, and Cousin Lily. Cousin Jaden and Lily were SOOOO brave and went on almost all of the rides! Poor Easton was only big enough to ride the train, but he sure enjoyed it! We also enjoyed the shows ( should see Jaden and Lily groove!) We loved our time with everybody and think that Grandma Miller and Auntie "Z" are troopers to take all the cousins to Lagoon!

A Fun Visit from Grandma Croft and Auntie Morganne

We had a fun visit from Grandma Croft and Auntie Morganne...we hung out at the beach and everything. Thanks for coming to see me!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Just getting ready for the day...

This is where Easton sits while mommy gets ready for the day. His favorite thing to suck on while mommy gets ready? A toothbrush of course!

Easton had his first playdate at the playground, and boy was it fun! He played with a lot of his friends from the ward (all of whom are 13 months old compared to Easton's 6 months, but hey, what can he say? He hangs with the older crowd!), including his best friend Cannon. His favorite thing is the swing (well, that is really the ONLY thing he can do right now!).

See...What did I tell Ya?!?!? Watching football with the guys...

I think this picture speaks for itself!

Playing with All my Toys!

Easton has the most fun with his toys by taking every single one out of his basket so that he is surrounded by them! (I think he has taken some lessons from Scrooge, being surrounded by all of his money) Unfortunately, Mommy still has to clean everything up, but she is trying to teach him how fun that can be too! ;-)

Sorry No Post in a while....Just Watching FOOTBALL!

Easton must apologize about his lack of recent blogs, but he has been extremely busy watching FOOTBALL with daddy! And boy has it been fun! Easton is practicing some classic football poses already...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Splish Splash, Just Taking a Bath!

Ahh, the life of a baby!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


We had a fun visit from Grandpa Rudd (Easton is Grandpa Rudd's "mini-me" as is evident from their pictures!) and Auntie Jamee over the weekend. Easton loved hanging out with his Auntie Jamee on the beach (including his heart-to-heart chats he had with her!) and really enjoyed going to his first College Football game with Grandpa. Luckily Easton fell asleep before the BYU game could begin, because it was NOT a pretty first game! At least Ben Olson rocked the field. What a fun weekend! Oh yeah, we also got to say goodbye to uncle Trevor, as he is leaving us to go back to Utah. We will miss you Trevor! And we also got a quick visit from Aunt Crystal.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


We FINALLY were able to convince Grandpa Croft to come out with Grandma Croft and visit us! And boy did we have a great time! We showed him all the hot spots and hung out at the beach. It was so much fun!